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Sachin Chitambaran 
Founder, The Connect Hut

How it started...

Our team has been working in the space of suicide prevention for over 2 decades. Our on ground work has enabled us to have some keen insights, which further resulted in the formation of The Connect  Hut (TCH).

Insights we've gained:

  • A mental health pandemic is evident, with suicide being a significant indicator.

  • Ignorance about human mind and mental health.

  • A high degree of stigma is associated to mental health due to Ignorance

The above made it obvious that, for us to address the high suicide numbers in the country, the last report put the number around 465 deaths per day, it is very important to have programs that focus on :

- Simplifying mind and mental health
- Mental wellbeing programs
- Warning signs of poor mental helath
- Understanding causes of poor mental health
- Understanding suicide is a warning sign
- Identify unhelpful behaviours, actions and thoughts 
- Develop a workable self care and crisis plan for self and others

In addition to the above trainings we offer trained and affordable mental health services including free listening service. Visit our Spaces services to learn more and begin your well-being journey

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Renu Varun

Head of Outreach and 

International Alliances

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Module Team

Meet our Amazing Team

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Samridhi Baghel

Facilities Manager


Module Team

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Social Media Team


Video Editor


Lin Panakal

Senior Counsellor and Supervisor 



Counsellor and Listener

Spaces Counselling Team






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To Request for Therapy and Listening Services
Send us a message and we’ll get back to you shortly.
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Get Trained

Engage in experiential training focusing on well-being, mental health, suicide prevention, and Dot Listening. For corporate inquiries, contact us at

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