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Yocheved-Marie Leo

Research Associate

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Growing up, I always enjoyed savoring the small moments. At a very early age, I had a pretty good understanding of what made me happy. The gratitude expressed when I helped an elderly woman carry her bags, made me happy. The smile on her face gave me a deep sense of satisfaction. That is when I knew that I wanted more of this. 


I am an aspiring clinical psychologist, currently pursuing a double major in Psychology and Literature. During my early college years, my study of psychology amused me. There was an explanation for abnormal behavior like OCD as well as for simpler behavior like procrastination. Although I wanted to help others through psychology, I realized that psychology also helped me understand myself better. It has helped me understand my own behavior and has given me an opportunity to be a better person to others and to myself.


‘The Connect Hut’ has given me the opportunity to help people through their warmline for people in distress. At the Connect Hut, I have learned to be a good listener and to be empathetic to others. I have also learned, that it is not always necessary that the help I’m offering is what the other person is looking for. Sometimes, all that a person in distress wants, is for someone to listen to them without being judged. Besides being a trained empathetic listener, I am also researching Mindful Meditation under the guidance of Sachin Chitambaran. I look forward to all they have to offer and my journey alongside some wonderful people

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