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Sayali Vartak

Suicide sensitive and Queer affirmative therapist

An empathetic and passionate mental health practitioner with Eclectic style of therapy who has experience working with adolescents and young adults. She specializes in helping addicts and suicidal individuals. With more than 6 years of experience in Emotional support and crisis intervention, Sayali can seamlessly dive into therapy by building quick rapport by creating a judgment free safe space for the clients to share their thoughts and feelings. She is a strong believer and avid practitioner of Mindfulness based cognitive therapy. In the 3 years of her professional practice, she has dealt with clients facing depression, anxiety, loneliness, career conflicts and relationship issues.


From an early age, I was fascinated by the complexity of the human mind. It made me question the origin of feelings, the number of thoughts and probability of reaction. It pleasantly surprised me to observe how similar situations can be perceived differently by two different people. I wanted to know more and understand the science behind it. Thus in grade 12th when I was presented with an opportunity to drop math and pick up psychology as a subject, I jumped at it. I enjoyed talking to people, understanding their situations and viewpoints so when it was my time to choose my specialization it was a no brainer.


Therapy to me is an on-going process. You learn, unlearn, grow-in and out of your own mindset, habits and aspirations every few days, months or years. However these changes are more oftenly conscious and do require an active effort from the benefactor. It’s said that “Change is the only constant”. For those who are disconnected internally, they see certain patterns that keep repeating no matter how hard they try. The partial reason for it is the individual’s inability to put in time and effort needed to know their patterns and to break them.

Sayali Vartak
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