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Anu Kotiankar


I found my passion in the field of Mental Health when I joined Samaritans – a suicide prevention helpline six years ago. Since then I have expanded my knowledge in this field. I have a Masters degree and a Diploma in Counselling Psychology. Rational and Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) at Advanced level is another area in which I have advanced my skills. I hold a QPR gatekeeper certification for suicide prevention. I have a preference for the Person Centred approach because I think that everyone has unique qualities and the potential to grow in their skills and abilities. I practice an Eclectic model with stronger emphasis on REBT and mindfulness to cope with irrational thoughts and beliefs we might be holding that might be getting in the way of leading a fulfilling life. I have worked with clients facing anxiety, depression and relationship issues.


Understanding human behaviour and emotions, and how they affect our lives and shape who we are, has always piqued my curiosity. When I was young, I can still recall being intrigued by the idea that siblings from the same parents could have such disparate value systems or personalities. Curiosity and interest eventually led me to study, practise what I had learned on others and myself, and make improvements to my own life as well as in the lives of others around me. This was the beginning of my journey towards becoming a professional counsellor.


For me, therapy is a safe space where the client’s self determination and self discovery are emphasised. The therapy process may entail working on unhelpful thoughts and beliefs and encouraging the client to adopt a positive outlook. The client and the therapist agree on the goals which attempt to work towards self acceptance, acceptance of others and acceptance of life. I believe that throughout this process I have developed and learned alongside my clients.

Anu Kotiankar
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