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About Sachin:

Ever since I was a young boy, I have always been a passionate learner of the human mind, and even now, I continue to explore the different schools of thought in psychology and philosophy. Naturally gifted at breaking down complex problems into easy manageable goals and being able to communicate the same in a simple manner, made me the agony uncle of most of the groups that I have been associated with. Even while pursuing a stressful corporate career, I have managed to keep my passion for listening and training alive by volunteering most of my free time working with emotional support helplines for over eleven  years and have been a sought trainer in teaching people communication skills and emotional management. I have been training people from all walks of life including mental health professionals for over seven years and have been constantly asked about making my role more formal into a life coach and mentor. During the pandemic is when I finally made my switch to my passion and am now a certified Life coach.

The skills that I have built over the years have given me an intuitive understanding and the ability to empathize with my clients. I use my exceptional listening skills to help my clients explore their challenges in a non-judgemental, safe and confidential space. This helps in unearthing some of the core issues that the client may be experiencing and most often these issues have to do with poor awareness of restrictive thought patterns, emotional mismanagement, unclear goals for self, and simple strategies that can have a huge impact over time. Sessions with me will typically involve a relaxed space for you to explore your goals and identify issues that lie on a subconscious level that is coming in the way of you achieving those goals. 

Important Note: I am not a psychologist and any issues that may require the assistance of a mental health professional will be recommended to the client

Life Coach

We will be using various efficacy-proven tools such as the SOFTSEA™ coaching framework and transformational techniques such as:





These ​techniques will help you create sustainable, observable, and measurable change, with minimal risk of relapse.

Support Group Session

 Payment Model

To ensure Life Coaching can be accessible to people from across different walks of life, The Connect Hut is offering a Pay As You Wish Model. 


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