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Sayali Vartak

Co-Founder and Counselling Psychologist

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Psychology grounded my life. It caught my attention even before I knew it. From being fascinated by the counsellor in school to swapping mathematics with psychology in high school, it is only now,  in retrospect, that I realise how I had this subject with me all along - all along while I was still meandering with the question and exploration of who I am. 


I was fortunate enough to learn about this subject very initially in life, and my real journey began with pursuing my undergraduation in it. Alongside, my steps towards  the complex, deep, and enriching world of Samaritans Mumbai decided my future course with human mind, emotions, feelings, and our behaviours. 


Having been trained by Sachin, about five years ago, I couldn’t let go of my journey at Samaritans. It became a place that enriched the theoretical knowledge I had received till then. Though I have worked as a trainer for a year with Manas foundation, it was very different from what we did at Samaritans so my search remained ongoing until Sachin decided to start his own venture and invited me to join. I was more than happy to work in the company of such kind and dedicated people so I jumped at the opportunity. At The Connect Hut, we collectively aim at creating a society of empathetic listeners so that everyone has an opportunity to be heard.

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