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Samridhi Baghel

Manager and Coordinator 

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Exploring my passion in mental health and discovering The Connect Hut, I was greatly enthused. It's a place that allows me to engage in curiosity, make meaningful connections, and understand more about myself. I absolutely relish this opportunity to work here.

It has been two years that I've been involved in suicide prevention, addiction and mental health with schools, de addiction centers, helplines, government NGOs and mental health organization in India and overseas. Sachin's true devotion and training have been instrumental in helping me develop an appreciation for the Human Connection and continuing to learn from him has been nothing short of a wonderful journey.


I'm a great believer in exploring diverse aspects of the job, whether that be collaborating with colleagues, conducting research or organizing activities for listening, emotional support and suicide prevention. Plus, I do enjoy creating memes!


Working at The Connect Hut is truly a unique experience. Their values and culture adds to my creativity and makes me feel right at home and truly empowered to do good work in this field. I am passionate and committed to creating spaces of connection, vulnerability, and support in my hometown and around the world. I believe that our collective initiative will be able to create a ripple effect of positive change in this area and I'm so excited to see it come to reality.

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