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Renu Varun

Head of International Alliances and Outreach

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Renu ( the smallest atom of dust) We observe life in two ways : 1.The body in which we are born 2.Our lived and inherited experiences and impressions which shape our inner world. The experiences that shape our inner world are determined by our interaction within and without. In this the crux of our purpose is defined. Exploration of life sits here.This is the understanding that prompted Renu to join The Connect Hut.


Renu has enjoyed the privilege of a migratory bird from early childhood. This frequent migration from one ecosystem to another enabled her to weave her diverse, conscious and subconscious, experiences and impressions The diversity enabled and disabled her simultaneously. However the sum total up until the present has been divergent, dynamic and demanding. The demand was to explore, adapt and move on…


The before and after math of being a suicide survivor led her towards discovering and understanding the gaps first hand from a lived experience. Making her a subject matter expert of sorts. These experiential learnings have led Renu to devote herself to exploring sustainable outreach, awareness, training and alliances for suicide prevention, both within and outside India. The Connect Hut seems like a final abode of the journey hereon. Yet another migration but a settling one maybe where dust will be dusted off the dust to merge within the dust and thus be the dust that she is (both known and unknown), Renu.

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