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Momina Mehmood

Associate - Social Media

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My passion for psychology began when I was in high school. I’ve always been curious about why people behave, think, or feel the way they do. As humans, we categorize things and ideas around us to simplify our understanding of the world. But, the categorization process is extremely complex when it comes to human behaviors, thoughts, and feelings. I believe, they are motivated by several factors.

My interest in psychology has prompted me to participate in several projects aimed at raising mental health awareness. The most intriguing of these is writing a book to raise awareness about prevalent behavioral disorders in children.

Furthermore, the intensive DOT listening and Emotional Support training have enabled me to understand human behavior in ways that go beyond religious and cultural understanding. During training, I observed how each member of TCH has beautifully blended every component of this training into themselves that I was adamant I want to work with them in any role that is required of me.

Here, we believe that the deepest connections are formed by listening to the whole person without judgement.

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