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We have broken down our training module into shorter and crisper 3-hour workshops for those who may not have the required time for the full length training. The six workshops cover the basic insights of each of the six important DOT learning approaches to being a better listener.

We hope that these workshops will intrigue the student in you to understand listening on a deeper and more meaningful level and be able to apply the learnings in your personal and professional life.

Please see below the recommended order of attending the workshops and the intensity level.


Introductory Session on Emotional Support and DOT Listening

02 - Intermediate Level

  • DOT learning of Emotions and Emotional spaces   

  • DOT Cognitive Functions

01 - Basic Level

  • DOT Listening Styles

  • DOT Value perception styles 

  • DOT Listening framework 

03 - Advanced Level

DOT Ego states and Archetypes


The nuances attached with working of listening effectively and ways to understand the inner spaces of self and others.”

Delhi University Student

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