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Ayesha Bajaj

Coordinator and Research Associate

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I love and live-in paradoxes. I like to look at systems through the lens of chaos. Human behavior has always intrigued me.


I began my journey with psychology in school. I studied psychology and literature during my graduation years in college and went on to complete masters in clinical psychology. My journey with listening and crisis intervention formally began in 2017 when I was trained by Sachin to volunteer at Samaritans Mumbai, a suicide prevention hotline.


Listening and empathy allowed me to be open to the world, while my education in literature and psychology pushed me to study systems, trends, and patterns. This is the paradox that I straddle at The Connect Hut.


With TCH I aspire to bring wellness and agency to sections of society who may be marginalized through research, academia, story-telling and therapy, and clinical work.

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